“The care that Dr. Kumar and his staff provide to each individual patient is unparalleled. Their immediate support and long-term efforts have exceeded my expectations. I really appreciate everything he has done to make my smile beautiful and keep me ‘pain-free.’ ”
— Kristen

“I am very grateful for Dr. Kumar. I have been coming to his office for almost eight years and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Dr. Kumar, Amy, Jan, and Julie are great. Coming to this office is always very welcoming. I could name over ten people who have come to his office and had the same experience.”
— Margaret

“I love Dr. Kumar! I started going to him in 2003 and had jaw surgery in March 2012. My whole family has gone to his office. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. I would recommend Dr. Kumar to anyone. He takes his time and never takes shortcuts. He explains everything so well. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.”
— Catherine

“Diagnostically, Dr. Kumar is brilliant! I have suffered over a decade in severe pain from TMJ disorder. Through braces and appliances, Dr. Kumar put me in the best possible position for reconstructive jaw surgery. I am completely pain-free after my treatment plan — all because of Dr. Kumar. I have recommended Dr. Kumar to my family and friends.”
— Kim

“Dr. Kumar and his staff are very professional, as well as friendly. My case required coordination among several dental care professionals over a three-year period. They handled this and my overall care exceedingly well. I had had previous orthodontic work, which did not correct my problems. When I came to Dr. Kumar I had a lot of pain and very limited ability to chew my food. It takes a truly exceptional orthodontist to correct these issues, and Dr. Kumar is such an orthodontist. I’m happy to say I am now pain-free. Also important to me, they were timely in getting me in and out of appointments. I highly recommend Dr. Kumar and his team.”
— Dianne

“Dr. Prasanna-Kumar Shivapuja established early in his practice, and has retained to this day, a reputation within orthodontic and surgical circles as being the premier individual in his specialty for the handling of complex imbalances of the jaws. Dr. Kumar is also especially recognized for his understanding and management of temporomandibular joint abnormalities. His attention to detail, his broad scientific knowledge, and his dedication to patient welfare are admirable and unsurpassed.”
—Dr. Robert Bruce MacIntosh

My Most Beautiful Possession:

“Ever since I could remember, I wanted a set of ‘bracelets’ on my teeth — just like my next-door neighbor Allison. Finally, at 10 years old, I looked in the mirror of my dad’s red Expedition, at the shiny metal brackets now fixed to my teeth. Definitely not what I was expecting, but an improvement from the Bugs Bunny teeth they now covered. I was excited to finally ‘fit in’ with my fellow fourth graders. It took about a month for the excitement to wear off and for the realization to sink in that these were not a temporary fashion accessory. No, they were a means to a distant end. The next four years could not have gone by much slower — in my adolescent opinion. Month after month, I returned to my beloved Dr. Kumar for adjustments and tightening.  I learned during that time that wax is a brace-face’s best friend. The day finally came, two weeks before the beginning of my sophomore year, for my unveiling. There was some wiggling, the metal came off, and finally some polishing to remove the excess glue. At last, Dr. Kumar finished perfecting his work and let me take a look. My own reflection dazzled me: a perfect smile which could not have been my own. The only other thing that amazed me more was how impeccably smooth the surface of my teeth felt. I walked out into the world a different person: more confident. I knew if my own reflection could captivate me the way it did, my smile knew no bounds. Thanks, Dr. Kumar, Jan, and staff for all of the time, effort, and patience which went into my smile. My smile is truly one of my greatest assets. I couldn’t have found a more caring orthodontist.”
— Alana

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